Monday, 23 May 2011



  1. hvor er du nuttet! tillykke med 12 tallet :-)

  2. you dont wash your dreads, do you ?- beautiful dress

  3. haha you are so funny "silly" you would say ;D
    I like it and i like the dress, it must be a cool feeling to wear :)

    oh and I really enjoy having a look at your blog every day! It's become part of my life now.

    bye xxx

  4. Nice video, i like it. One question, is your left ear also strechted? bye maren

  5. awesome! this dress is beautiful!
    you're inspiring! i'm considering dreading my hair but i'm not sure. i'm more doing it for thinking of it as some form of "spiritual" thing. like the locks signifying inner strength. when the hair is not dreaded or loose it's not as strong but when it's locked it is unified... that's how i was thinking about it. i would love as much information on it as possible as i would like to do it naturally like you have. :) have a great day!