Sunday, 29 May 2011

Earthlings - Make the connection

Did you see the movie Earthlings? You really should. Find it full-lenght here:


  1. didnt see it yet.. but i will do it tomorrow :)
    do you know the movie EARTH? it's pretty good!

  2. I've seen it. twice. never again!

  3. Elfie - No, but I'll check it out! :)
    Asta - Yes, it's really harsh.. But I think it's kind of necessary

  4. i´ve seen earthlings last year.
    it helps to open someones eyes...
    and at the moment i am reading "eating animals" by jonathan safran foer. this book is really, really good, too!!

  5. Hell Yeah, good movie..
    The truth hurts!! I hope that mother nature will fight back soon..
    The way we live now is sick!!


  6. I've watched it once and cried the whole way though! The truth really does hurt. It made me even more passionate that I am a vegan. x

  7. Pepper - Yeah, that book is so great! I'm reading it right now aswell ;)

    Yeah, it's really tough, but I'm glad you watched it :)

  8. The trailer alone caused great outrage and disgust in these horrible humans. I'm gunna have to watch this now! it's going to be so sad:(

  9. Hi!
    I'm really loving your blog, and when I saw this specific post, I begun to love it even more.
    Well, I'd like to sugest "Come and See", by the director Elem Klimov. Dunno if you already saw it, but it really deserves to be seen, as it is considered as one of the most incredible documentaries about the second world war ever made.
    Also, I thought about Alain Resnais work in general, but then again you are probably familiarized with his work already, so.
    hope you like them (:
    Carolina Eusébio

  10. earthlings made me a vegan :S i watched it like 3 times and i was crying all the way. im REALLY disgusted by humans. and also NOT PROUD to be one :(

  11. Seen and read a lot about it, but never saw Earthlings, until today. Watched till 55 minutes. Saw a bunch of things I didn't even know about. Now I feel sick. necessary to see, but makes me angry on people who still think meat is tasty and killing them without any tears and think some human races are better. I'm an vegan for 6 months now, and it feels so good.

    Some people say we need meat, maybe, but I rather suffer from illnes than eating another animal for my own health.

    Why don't we see this movie in school? Instead of the 'schaal van 5' which explains what we have to eat to stay healthy (including meat!)

    Pff, I could talk for ages, but I'm happy you are thinking the same. <3