Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pieces Accessories Nailpolishes

The other day I did something I rarely do - go to shopping centers and pick up lowbudget stuff like these. This is a nail polish by Pieces who makes a lot of different accessories. I got 5 for 9$, which was a pretty sweet deal. Of course I forgot to photograph them all - i will upload a photo later - but the shades I got was:
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal(shown above): A blackbased silver-shimmer. It requires 4 coats or else it can be patchy.. Maybe it's good on top of another colour, since it's so clear? However the lasting power seems to be pretty great and the formula is awesome, though it is sheer. Even after 4 coats it still dries completely in 30 seconds. I've worn it all day for cooking, painting kitchen, repotting plants, cleaning, dishwashing and stuff like that, and the tips aren't even worn.

Sorry, no photo of 24 Carat - It'll be here
24 Carat: A "pure" gold. It's not reddish, not copperish, not silverish, just neutral(but warm, ofc) with tiny goldy glitters. Very pretty! Don't know about the lasting power, though. I think it's flattering both for dark and light skin, since it is so neutral
Turquoise Crystal: Photo is courtesy of
Turquoise Crystal: A classic turquoise. It's very pretty, and maybe a tad darker than shown in this photo. The lasting power is just about non-existent. I'm not sure if it was because I wore it on top of a clear hardener by Sally Hansen, but it just peeled off! Maybe I'll try it over, because it is sooooo pretty.. It's ok after 2 coats, but I chose 3..

Ms Jagger Green: Photo is courtesy of
Ms Jagger Green: This is a really flattering colour for my skintone. It applies really pretty - It's a good formula. It's a bit more green and a bit darker than in these photos. I don't know about the lasting power, but I'm looking forward to try it out

The last one is pink pinup which I know absolutely nothing about. Apart from that it is red. And a very classic pinup red. And not pink at all, as far as I'm concerned. But I'll photograph it tomorrow, so that you can see for yourselves

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