July 03, 2013

DIY: Clothes rack

I used to have an IKEA PAX-wardrobe, which I loved. I recently moved to a new apartment, and going from 2,45m ceiling height to looooow ceilings, I had to sell my beloved PAX. I already had a smaller wardrobe, which fit, but it only had shelves, and not very much space. I needed a clothes rack, and preferably one that didn't need to stand on the floor, since I wanted it to be easy to clean(I have white painted floors!)

I wanted a solution where I could make it the exact length I wanted, since I have about 183cm where it should fit. I came up with buying on HUGAD curtain rod, which is 120-210cm. I used EKBY KÅNNA bracket, and fastened them to the wall(with rawlplugs, of course) on the short side(19cm). Then I used the BETYDLIG curtain rod holders, and  fastened them to the outer point of the bracket(with the thick insertions they came with). The curtain rod was then just snapped into place, in the curtain rod holders.

For extra storage space, I left a IKEA LÄCK shelf on top of the brackets - I didn't fasten it, since I'm just using it for shoes. I'm going to buy white EKBY shelves that fit in length instead of the LACK. They are thinner and neater in my opinon.

I'll recommend using one bracket pr. meter. I had 180cm, so I used three(one in the middle). I also finished the curtain rod of with VÄSENTLIG finials.

I bought everything in the "scraps" department of IKEA, and the final price for this clothes rack was  55DKK(9.55US$). If you use only new parts, the price will be 138DKK(23.97US$) which is still really budget-friendly in my opinion.

What you'll need: IKEA EKBY KÅNNA brackets(one per ~75-100cm), IKEA HUGAD curtain rod, IKEA BETYDLIG curtain rod holders. Optional: VÄSENTLIG finials, LACK or EKBY shelves


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  2. I personally think its a bit ugly...just me though :(

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  4. Hi,

    I think it looks nice and fulfills its function. : ) Plus, I adore the red paint of your "another" wardrobe.