January 28, 2013

Nailpolish by Topshop

I have a slight addiction to buying nailpolish. Which is alright, because it could be an addiction to buy horses, and they are WAY more expensive. It would never turn out good! I almost always wear nailpolish, and when in London recently, I picked up of a few I've been eyeing at Topshop. The rightmost one is called Milkshake, and this is my second bottle. It's an almost neutral, slightly warm creme. Unfortunately it goes a bit gloopy after some time, but it is surely the prettiest most perfect pink. Eclipse is a pretty green-blue-y-gold-y duochrome that I've been wanting to get. I thought I was gonna get Hidden Treasure but it had so much gold in. There needs to be limits ;) It's streaky, but it doesn't bother me that much with this color. The consistency is rather runny, but it is fairly easily applied and opaque in two coats. Seamist is a pretty blueish silvershimmer. I didn't try it out yet, but I'm a bit afraid to discover a lot of streaking. Rumours and Lies is described as "berry" which it is in the bottle. On the nails it turns too a dark oxblood, almost reddened black, but very cold-leaning. It applies beautiful and is so very chic.

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