February 08, 2013


This is what I was wearing today, and what I will actually wear some kind of variation of most days. When I have to be at campus to either attend a lecture or a meeting, I really like something easy and very comfortable. The jacket is my new winterjacket that I showed you earlier. I kind of didn't tie it in properly, which is why it looks a bit saggy (also I'm feeling a bit saggy atm!) Jeans, a top and something a bit warmer, since we are moving around 0 degrees most of the time. The shoes though? Extremely comfortable and will always make me feel a bit more dressed up, which is also nice on "down days" :)


  1. Damn, you are so good looking <3
    Wish i know you as friend

  2. Reminds me of this post WAY back hehe http://www.galapril.com/2009/12/juletid.html :)

  3. What brand are your shoes, and where are they from? They look super comfortable for day-to-day style :)

  4. You're very beautiful :)
    Can I ask what brand is the winter coat?