March 04, 2013

04032013 II


  1. Uh-oh!

    Why you so pretty?

    Also, as a person interested in photography, what are your suggestions for buying a new DSLR? Could you tell about what camera equipments you are currently using. I'm totally beginner when it comes to digital photography, lenses etc. Your pictures come out always so beautiful, I think.

    Love your blog, cheers!

    1. Haha, thank you sweetie.. I really like the Canon entry-levels like 1100D and 1000D depending on your budget. My brother bought the equivalent Nikon-one, I think it is called D3100 and I was less than impressed. The screen is awful and personally I couldn't work without my very great Canon-screen ;)I think the 1100D goes for around $350.

      I use a 550D(I think they got to the 650D in the series though) and I'm really happy about it. I love how small it is, the screen and the very logically button-placement. The Canon series consists of four series - xxxxD(like 1100D), xxxD(like 650D), xxD(like 50D) and xD(like 7D). Lesser numbers mean better camera.
      I also use a 50mm 1.8. It's really budget-friendly and an easy next-lens, from the standard 18-55. I almost never use the standard. I love how the 50mm does portraits and bokeh. It's a real "blogger-lens" creating the very fashionable depth in photos.

      For self portrais I use a stand - A full size, but you could use a gorillapod - I got a "copy" I got of ebay, since I'd never pay full price for such a thing. I also use a remote control from eBay, again just a cheapass one.

      I just bought a reflector, which I'm looking forward to play with. I'm going to use it for creating better portrait lightning. You can make one yourself or get one of ebay aswell :)

    2. Thanks for your reply!

      I think 1100D looks like a pretty good choice for me (considering the price point of view). Still, I've got to compare the 650D with 1100D for pros and cons. Anything better than that is a bit too expensive for my budget.

      That 50mm lens is really something, that I should be considering too. Though, I was searching around for lenses and found some cheaper alternatives. That made me wonder does it matter if that lens is not made by Canon? I.e. are those "off brand" lenses just as good as Canon lenses? What do you prefer?

      Also, I've got to look eBay for those other things you mentioned. Not that cheap of a hobby, eh?

      But, this has already been really helpful of you. You're awesome. Thanks again!

    3. I have a couple of friends that chose that one and are really happy about it. I really don't think most people need anything more for showcasing like this - Only when you get to do paid jobs and advertising and stuff like that, I'd consider buying an expensive camera. Rather use the money on lenses.

      Regarding the 50mm I know a lot of people use it. However, you don't need to buy it right away. The 18-55 of course hits 50mm, but has way more glass and other light specifications.
      I don't know about buying off-brand lenses though. Personally I'd never do it, maybe unless it was a Sigma lens. Canon always keep up their worth if you take care of them, and they can be used on a variaty of cameras. I like being sure of the quality of the glass and having brand lenses. But I do understand if someone wanted to opt for a cheaper option. I do not know anything about the quality of offbrand, so I wouldn't say "do or don't", but for me personally, I wouldn't choose an offbrand, just because how I feel about it :)

      It's not very cheap, no! ;)
      I found the links for the things I mentioned. However, mind that you don't need this to start out :) Just go for it!

      My remotecontrol:


      Hope this is useful!

    4. Yes, you have been most kind. Thank you so much! I'm sure this will most certainly help me at buying my first DSLR.

      Again, you're awesome! Cheers.

  2. I don't want to be nosey are you a model and also what is your job at the moment :)

    1. I'm not a model :) Not tall enough, not even close ;)
      I'm a full time student, and don't have any job by my studies. Recently I've been out as an invigilator, but that is only a few times a year :)
      Always welcome to ask!

    2. For your readers, you are our model and cutest in the world, and you already know that and its not flatter you at all.
      you hearit all time you put a new pic on you blog.
      thank you for shareing

    3. Haha, that's very sweet of you. Well, if that's how you define model, yes, then :p But I'm not working and never got paid for anything ;)

    4. We can redefine model! You are a wonderful model on this blog ;) Keep up the awesome work (even if it's unpaid, we all love you)!!

      peace and hugs,

  3. Hej! Jag är en ny läsare, 23 år gammal och bosatt i Malmö. Hittade nyss din blogg. och jag fullkomligt älskar den! Du har mycket intressant för dig och du inspirerar mig.
    Har bläddrat igenom din blogg lite, och har lyssnat på dina låt-tips och jag undrar om inte du har en spotify-playlist att dela med dig av till dina bloggläsare? Skulle vara ascoolt om du kunde fixa en!

  4. I think it's cool how your look changes between seasons! I live in Southern California so there's no dramatic weather change, and I tend to look the same year round.

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  6. Sometimes i wish you was my friend, and we sail to thru the 7 seas together.
    I say the same as most other ( you are a dream)

  7. How many mm your tunnels?
    Answer Answer Answer PLEEASE ^_^

    1. thanks for the reply :)
      From Russia with Love <3

  8. You're so beautiful :)

  9. What Kabuki brush by E.L.F do you use ? :)

  10. Oh yes
    You yourself was doing a piercing?

  11. i like the messy hair :)

  12. I think it's cool how your look changes between seasons! I live in Southern California so there's no dramatic weather change, and I tend to look the same year round.