April 01, 2013

Movies I like: Documentaries

Yet another chapter! This time for documentaries. I love watching all kinds of documentaries, even the silly low-quality ones about all kinds of weird things(Ok, just between us, I don't have a television, but I love, love TLC) As one of my girlies said: "Bad TV is actually good TV!". I also love watching documentaries about food and nature, which is reflected a bit here, and I'll never back down from any survival or BBC Nature program ;)

I've mentioned this one before, and I'll do it again. This movie is vile and I hate watching it, because it makes me feel sick - And it should! I hope you'll hold your guts and get through this, because everybody kind of needs to! Available legally for free here: http://earthlings.com/

Ashes and Snow: The Film(2005)
Originally an installation by Canadian artist Gregory Colbert. As far as I learned he's been working on it since 1992 and is the most visited exhibition ever, with more than 10 billion guests. It consists of lots and lots of still photos, a few videos, and a narrator that will say things like: "The whales do not sing because they have an answer. They sing because they have a song". The movie is really spacy, but if you ever have a spare 63 minutes it is really beautiful and worth watching!

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead(2005)
I was introduced to this recently, and I especially liked the second part of the movie, that surprised me a lot. It should be mentioned that I'm not advocating using this diet, nor never did it myself or anything. I just like the story of how Phil is so unhappy, and decides to do something about it!

Food Inc(2008)
A movie about the American food industry, with a lot of material from one of my favorite authors Michael Pollan. I love talking about maize.

Capitalism: A love story(2009)
It's kind of boring, but you kind of have to watch it.

The Human Scale(2012)
About great cities based on the work by Danish architect Jan Gehl - And actually what we are working with at school right now!

Jiro Dreams of Sushi(2011)
I could watch this countless time - The sushi is absolutely perfect, the movie is perfectly done, the ambiance in the restaurant, the wisdom and the philosophy from both Jiro and his sons and workers. This movie is perfection and it is very clever. Go watch it!(Because I just got an urge to watch it just ooone moooreee tiiimeee)


  1. Excellent post!

  2. Yeah, good choise!
    Earthlings and Food Incl are really good and disturbing as well.
    Did they change some of your habits?
    When I say Earthlings first I went vegetarian straight the same day
    (now I'm vegan...but anyways)
    I was wonderin what it does to you maybe...

    Love & Peace :)

    1. Thank you!
      No they didn't very much. I've always eaten all my animal products organic/ biodynamic and of course I kept doing that. That was how we were raised. I never eat much meat, and I prefer it when it is from our own lamb or chickens. I've eaten vegan for periods of time, but it is just not for me. When I got on SU(education payment from our government) I had a tighter budget, and I can say that the things from those movies supported my decision to keep eating as I already did, instead of choosing more budgetfriendly but less animalfriendly alternatives. Instead I downprioritize organic vegetables. I know it is bad for like everything but my philosophy is that it doesn't directly inflict pain. I couldn't afford eating all organic - Some months I only had 100 dollars to spend on food - And food is really expensive in Denmark(I think a normal household budget for one person is set at about 300 dollars here)

    2. would you do a post about everyday life in Denmark? I think it'd be very interesting as it is a rather small place and not many people are familiar with the conditions there!

  3. I'm so glad you posted about Documentaries. : ) Jiro Dreams of Sushi is great. Have you ever seen Life in a Day? That is one of my favorites.

    1. It is, yes! No I didn't, I'll check it out! :)

  4. Thanks for the recommendations! I guess I have pretty similar interest with you as of the kind of movies and documentaries we're in to. Glad to know that there are people like us out there! I've watch Food Inc and that has really opened my eyes to the cruelty that these animals have been treated and now I'm more careful with the food that I consume. It really is hard getting your hands on Organic Products or Meat sources that were handled and treated with respect since Singapore's just aren't that exposed yet and the products are really expensive. Also, there isn't an advocacy locally and I'm thinking of starting one.

    I wish you a Gook day in Denmark! Indulge in Chocolates!!!

  5. hey :D great list, i was just wondering if you could send me a link where i can watch The Human Scale please? I've been searching everywhere but i can't seem to find it. Also, you should definitely watch the documentary Home ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1014762/ )

    Greetings from Portugal :)

  6. i really want to see The Human Scale documentary, but i can't seem to find it anywhere! do you have any links or ideas? Also, anything else architecture related, movies or books? i enjoyed this post very much btw :)

  7. you must see SAMSARA movie. it's very beautiful:))

  8. That's Ashes and Snow's pics is very interesting looking!

  9. If u like documentaries u really need to watch "The Cove" and "Dear Zachary; a letter to a son about his father" :) hugs