May 06, 2013

Blue Moon

This look was created around the Velvet Touch Pencil by Danish brand GOSH, called Blue Moon. I think this is the perfect summery blue, and can be worn heavier or lighter depending on where you are going! Mix it up with nice skin(Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse+ELF Foundation), a bit of bronzer/contour(ELF) and lots of mascara(Maybelline The Colossal). As always, eyebrows fixed with MUA eyebrowpencil! On lips is GOSH Light’n'Shine in color #102, which is kind of natural on my lips


  1. beautiful
    you look much more natural now (:

  2. I miss your piercing!

  3. When you were going to do dreads, how much in centimeters did you subdivide your hair in? :)

  4. Hello!

    If you don't mind sharing, would you please post about your daily skincare regime?