May 14, 2013

IKEA wishlist

As all other Scandinavians I'm a big lover of IKEA. Of course! Who doesn't love IKEA? I know it can be a nightmare to get through the shop, and that their meatballs has horse in them, but differences aside!
I love going to IKEA - Which I rather frequently do, actually - and browsing their stuff on the website, imagining how I'd decorate if I had a billion moneeyyzzzz.

OK! Here goes!
My couch is old. Like really old. Like, I was washing it recently, and the pillows had 1978 printed on them. When I asked my grandma, she confirmed. It is rather old. It's blue, and pretty, apart from where my cat have been tearing it apart. She hates scratching trees. Only the finest couch will do for her nails! I feel rather sad about parting with it, but I can't seem to forget about this preeeeetty pink sofa. I've been wanting one for ages! Also it is a sleepingcouch, which would be great for guests! It's actually nicely priced for a couch(sleepingcouch) and if I can get myself to get rid of my old couch, I'll probably be buying this one!
This is apparently called a sideboard. I never knew! In Denmark it is called a "skaenk". I think this is such a luxurious and beautiful piece of furniture. It's from their new lux-collection, and it would be perfect for keeping things like tablecloths, candles, birthdayflags and everything else small, as well as leaving keys-newspapers-notes-flowers-whatever on top on. It's rather expensive for this type of furniture in IKEA-manners(£350), but I think it is worth considering to save for!

I need a real bookcase. My shelves are over-flooding-on-the-brink-of-falling-down and having a real, simple white bookcase would be a life-saver. This is completely boring, but I often feel really disturbed by the different sizes and backs, so there is no need for making it even more complicated. I should consider a door to go with this, since they are kind of good deals!

I've loved this for quite some time. It's amazing to sit in, and it looks so chic. I think it would be absolutely perfect for a nice reading corner and I really hope to see it in my living room some time! It's a little expensive for a chair, but it's rather special  I think!

IKEA PS 2012
I love this to pieces, and I know people think it is ridiculously ugly. It is actually, but I can't help it! No words needed! I probably won't be buying this though. I keep convincing myself it is just a phase.

Ok I know there is lots and lots of more stuff I like from IKEA


  1. Hi. May I ask you something.. i noticed you love pink, which is a really girly colour. What does your boyfriend think about? Espacially about bying a pink couch?
    Please, dont want to be rude, Im just curious, because i could imagine, that this could lead to some trouble ;)

  2. I love ikea too! If it weren't for the fact that their manufacturing plants (factories?) are exploitative and I believe in recycling furniture as much as possible.. which makes couch hunting a problem so I might end up at West Elm or Ikea as well;)

    I was wondering, do you have one cat or two? What is his/her/their name(s)?? :D Cats are nice pets, though the scratching can be a a frustrating problem. Will you try spraying the cat(s) when/if you get a new sofa and it/they try to scratch?? :)


  3. The Billy bookcases are nice. The walls of my 'library' are lined with them filled with my 3000+ books - yes I have that many books: - They're functional.

  4. PS - The IKEA stuff is nice for those on a budget, the wood furniture is generally particle board with a vaneer. When you can afford it, I would go with solid hardwood because it will last a lifetime and will be something you can pass down in your family - Pedr

  5. what happens with your blog? Its very difficult to see your posts with the new system blogloving,and your blog doesnt appear in google if you writte your name.why did you make a change?