July 19, 2013

White lace and flower-heels

If I had left the house the other day, this is what I would have worn. Lucky for me, it' summer, there is absolutely nothing I should be doing, and I can actually stay in. That's quite rare! ;)

I'm still working on the apartment, mostly just moving stuff in and finding room for it. My kitchen is not overly great for storing lots of things, and there are compromises to be made. However a few images and shelves have already made their way to the walls, during this past week. I'm so happy with my white floors, but they are quite hard to keep all clean with three little ones tumbling around. Looking forward to getting all settled and being able to getting it all nice and white.

I love this white lace skirt. Styling it is a bit hard, but I find it easier now it's summer - Just pairing it with a colourful top does the trick. The shoes are a comfortable everyday height and I adore the print. I figure a pair of nudes and a sparkle-y'er(that's a word, right?) top could make for a great festive look.

I think my legs are all right, even though they are really short :p However I have lots of scars on my legs from all sorts of things. Especially the big round ones on the right leg, become really visible when getting a tan. People comment on it from time to time, but I actually like it and don't mind it much anymore.

Do you have any special scars?


  1. I have a small scar on my right cheek. I got it when I was 4 from my brother and I wouldn't remove it for anything in the world :)

    1. No, you get kind of attached to it, right? :) Nice to hear from you!

  2. I really really enjoy reading your blog, it's really inspiring and motivational , you seem so lovely and sweet ! Thank you !!

  3. Hi April! Long time lurker, first time commenter here :)

    I have two large scars from my surgeries last year... they always remind me how close I came to not existing anymore :( But they also remind me how thankful I'll always be to the hospital staff and friends and family that showed their support during my darkest months of my life (so far).


    p.s. I agree with Anonymous 21 July 2013 15:50 :)

  4. I think you look like Doutzen Kroes here :) Pretty outfit!

  5. Youre a wonderful darling

  6. Very pretty :)
    I have the same shoes myself, bought them aaaages ago at h&m but never wore them. Now that I see your pictures you inspired me to get them out of my closet again, thanks! Best wishes xx

  7. Daaaaaaaaammmmmmnnn!