January 25, 2014

Repost: The name "galapril"

This is a repost, with modifications from November 2011.

So this is a question people ask me over and over again, and I remembered I once posted this very thorough answer to the question "What does "Galapril" means?" Hope this helps!

Galapril has actually a lot of meanings to me. First off it should be seperated between Gal and April. Gal is short for Galathea. One of my favorite girlsnames. It is ancient Greek and means "she who is milk-white". The name was seen in classical myths - Pygmalion, Leucippus and Ovid's Acis and Galate,a where Galatea is a seanymph that loves Acis. Galathea is a common metaphor for a statue that has come to life, after the statue of Pygmalion. Galathea is the name of a Danish ship, which does scientific expeditions regarding marine biology throughout the world.
Galathea is also a genera of squat lobsters :D

April is a name that I've started using, that just clinged on. It is not my legitimate name, and even though I considered changing it at point, I'm not anymore. I'm born in Apri,l I love the month of April, but the name is primarily inspired by a Danish song called "Jeg vælger mig april" - "Yes, April is my choice". This is a translation by John Volk(1903):

Yes, April is my choice,
In it the Old departs,
The New strikes root and starts.
Don't mind the crash and noise,
Disturbing peaceful rest —
To will and do is best.

Yes, April is my choice,
Because it storms and sweeps,
Because it smiles and weeps.
In April I rejoice;
In it great powers at strife
Call summer into life.

My mother's mother's favorite month was April, and she meant a lot to me. She always talked about the beauty of April. Last "gal" means "mad" or "crazy" in Danish, but can of course also be seen as "gal"="girl/woman". Gal is also a hebrew name meaning "wave" or "sea". April is an English name, originated in Latin from "Aperire" which means "to open" referring to the opening of flowers - blossoming.

So! There is a lot of meaning to it! I like the complexity, and I like how it can be lots of different things depending on how you view it. I feel like it combines my interest and love for literature and the arts, with my "scientific" way of life - And I feel that this song encapsulates my personality.

Listen to "Yes, I choose April", played by a Danish musician:

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