February 13, 2014

At home // February

I'm painting these days. Making my home mine again. I live in a rather worn-out apartment, where the heat flies through the roof and the water pours in. I've got this old cupboard, I refinished years and years ago - Probably 10 years ago. It's beautiful, but it was dark grey inside and cherry red on the outside. I loved the cherry, but it needed a fresh coat of paint and I have no money, so I opted for samples I already had in store. I need to make things pink. Pink is about me. Pink is me choosing my own life, me doing what I want. Not compromising. I'm not gonna compromise no more. I want everything pink. This is a metaphor. 

This blog is becoming very personal.

I have only a few pieces of furniture in my "living room"(=the part of the one big room, that  should be assigned to a couch if I had one). This little wheel-y is from my mother's childhood home. It needs to be painted a couple of times a year. It demands attention. It holds favorite books, beautiful coffee table books. It also holds random fiction that I'll never read. Like Stephen King. I'm still betting on that Mother of Pearl.
Apart from this, I have one arm chair and the above mentioned cupboard. And a lamp.

I bought this skirt the other day. It's from H&Ms Conscious Collection, which is released this week. It's absolutely  beautiful. I'm probably never gonna wear it, since I can't seem to figure out 1) What to pair it with 2) Where to go. It doesn't matter. I like it right there, being pink.

You are the love of my life. There's nothing else I need to say.


  1. well you can wear it with a more colourful long-armed shirt or cream white shirt and super long neckless, with high heel boots (especially brown or black) and you can put on a headband for your gorgeous dreadlocks. this style suits you perfectly.

  2. As I suppose it is a high waisted dress, I would pair it with this top or something alike: http://www.nastygal.com/clothes_tops_bustiers-bodysuits/rendezvous-bustier/

    1. That would look so good on anyone else than me! I'm not big on crop tops - It's too cold around here and I imagine it just looks kind of stupid on me ;) But good tip - Wish I could pull that off ;)

  3. Of course I don't see the skirt in person, but I have a couple that look similar (in beige and grey). I like pairing them with a simple tank top, and a chunky open front cardigan. Occasionally I pair them with a fitted graphic tee and converse, just to add a little boyish charm to a girly skirt. I'm sure you'll look great in it no matter what you decide!

  4. I completely know how you feel about pink!


  5. Det gør bestemt ikke noget at din blog bliver mere personlig! Det er spændende at lære dig en smule bedre at kende, så tak for det :)

  6. You dumped your boyfriend? :)