February 09, 2014

video: Dreadlocks 62 months, job/school with dreadlocks and why I removed my piercings

Also! This is post #1100!! Glad to share this day with you ;)


  1. Man, this is the first video that I've seen of yours in a long while, and I just wanted to say that your English has improved so SO much! You look really happy and fantastic, hope things are awesome for you.

  2. Marry me please :) You are the most beautiful women on earth !

  3. Your dreadlocks are awesome!
    I really like them the way they are, with lose hair and ends.

    I used to have dreads, but cut them off hmn, 5-6 years ago and I really miss them.
    Probably going to make new ones closer to summer.

    Found you a while ago, when searching for dreads inspo on pinterest ;) hehe.
    Added your blog to my followlist.

    Keep dreading on <3

  4. Ah man, you are so, so beautiful!
    P.S. Your header photo is INCRED.

    ☾ MOLLY LUNE ☽

  5. I am so happy that u made a new video. Your dreadlocks are beautiful and so perfect natural :)
    I also have a full head of them for 3 years now and I just started my blog.
    I really love your personality.
    Thanks for being you:)

  6. at the weekend I have cut off my dreads :s
    There were one and a half year old :o

    See my post :

    Have a nice day !

  7. You truly are the most beautiful woman in the world! I wonder if you still not wash you dreads (how do you wash them) and how do you do when you go to bed?

    Thank you for sharing :)

  8. you still don't wash your dreads? mine are just like yours and i have to wash them once a week...

  9. Your dreads look amazing! The really do :D You are pretty much the reason I started my own dreadlock journey a few days ago :)

    Have a great day!

  10. Intelligence wrapped in beauty!
    Definitely agree that as you get into university people look more towards your professional attitude rather than judge you by appearance.


  11. Hi Anna!
    I love your videos, they've always helped inspire my 14 month old locks :) I have never gone to a dreadlock stylist/salon before, and I was just wondering if you do decide to go to a person, that you post some before/after pictures, or even a quick post about the experience? It would be really helpful in my own journey to hear your perspective.
    You're an inspiration!

  12. hallo anna,
    finde deine dreads passen zu dir und machen das aus was du bist, ein freies schönes mädchen das die welt bereisst und viel sieht. viele haben nicht so eine chance gekriegt was aus ihrem leben zu machen weil sie nie eine hatten oder sich opfern für die die sie lieben, wir leben in einer schönen neuen welt (aldous huxley) in der alphas und betas nur was zu sagen haben und der rest still schweigt und zusieht wie andere leben. ich frag dich was bist du? 1 alpha 2 beta 3 gamma 4 delta oder 5 epsilon, ich glaub die antwort kennst du und ich wünsch dir viel spass mit deinem schönen neuen leben.

  13. I just need to drop a comment in here. I LOVE your look and the wonderful dreads you've got!!! I accidently just clicked on a dreadlock update you had done on youtube. And I'm really happy that I did. I'veen struggeling with the fact if I just should go and get the dreads done because I've wanted them for so long..and you made the final call super easy for me. So thank you!! And looking for the next update :)

  14. You have such a flirting smile! I don't even know you and I got so in love with your personality and your beauty of course but mostly with your personality, so actually i was searching for dreadlocks and you came up so nice dreads by the way and you too have a nice day Anna and regards from the Patagonia and I know I kinda said it already but you are soooo beautiful.