February 05, 2014


I rarely spend time on breakfast. When I was in high school I used to spend my mornings on making porridge with all sorts of nuts and seeds. It kept me going for a full school day. I think it was easier, back when I was at school every day from morning till afternoon.

Nowadays my days change a lot. Yesterday was 10.15-12.30, tomorrow's 10.15-16.15 and next week will be full days and days off. Combined with working till late after checking in before dinnertime, this makes for some messed up eating habits. This is something I'd eat as an in-between-meal. I'd eat it for breakfast if I could manage to get up early enough, but I betcha I'm not.. I'm actually not really sure what the topping is apart from freeze-dried raspberries and roasted almonds, since it is leftovers from the restaurant, but it looks nice and tastes good. I eat way too much honey on my yoghurt, though.. 

What do you have for breakfast? Any recommendations?


  1. Puttu (steam cake) and Kadala (brown chickpeas) curry , colloquially known as "puttum kadallayum". i doubt whether u have heard of it. superb Kerala breakfast. :)

  2. Just plain oatmeal porridge with banana slices. Quick to do, and keeps me full a long time. On weekends I sometimes spice it up with "fattiga riddare"/french toast. Turkish yoghurt with walnuts is also delish.

  3. Jeg spiser skyr med friske pære og bananer! det er super lækkert og mætter rigtig godt!
    førhen spiste jeg rigtig meget havregryn, men skyr er bedre :)

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    1. Since I want to eat healthy I'm eating fruit salad every morning ;)

  5. Sorry Shara Rodenburg, I just wanted to add a comment not to reply yours! Sorry vor that..