May 02, 2014

London Day 1

On my first day in London this trip, me and that beautiful redhead went down to Surrey Docks Farm, for a very late brunch. She got a "mix it yourself" and I got fish cakes with smoked haddock and salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise. We went to talk to some goats and looked at happy pigs(check out their happy tails!). We talked about going out, but ended up ordering in from a vegan pizza place and watched Live at the Apollo all night. It was wonderful to visit Surrey Docks Farm - Be sure to make a donation, to help sustain the place, if you go there! :)


  1. It looks so nice! Really great pictures too :)

  2. Nice color saturation. Did you photoshop?

  3. Nice pictures, the weather here is lame at the moment though