June 28, 2014

Fremont Fair (pic heavy)

So as I wrote in my previous post, I spent some time at the Fremont Fair with the FIUTS from UW. It's (apparently) a yearly festival/market that takes place to celebrate solstice, and it involves a parade and a naked bike-ride on Saturday(That we unfortunately missed! :( ) and a fair with lots of stalls and food on Sunday.. The weather was really nice that day, and I had a great day with some of my new friends. Rikke and I tasted alligator from the "southern kitchen stall" and it was sooo tasty. We also listened to a musician, that was very skilled (and very hot). Brilliant day!
Here's a couple of photos I snapped at the fair :)

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  1. yes! freemont is a lovely site to see, especially when it is filled with amazing people and amazing food!