June 27, 2014

One shot honesty

Sometimes, when I check the camera and lightning before filming a video, the first shot is always the nicest. It's not necessarily the prettiest or the most flattering, but sometimes it's the most honest picture, the most real one. This is the case with the one above. It's not necessarily very good, I'm looking cross-eyed and you can see my "ladies-beard" haha :p However, it's quite honest and that's important too! Pretty isn't everything. In fact, in the bigger picture it's nothing.


  1. the most honest picture is the most prettiest picture, and this picture is complete in its honesty and your prettiness....beautiful as always!

  2. Everyone of us can look pretty with the right lightning, the right camera angle, good makeup and hair, filters or what ever...the "perfection" kind of beauty...for my taste all that stuff is to plain, to much the same...

    I love this picture, you look so happy in it...
    You have grown so much in the 4 years I've "known" you...it's nice you still let us take part in your journey!
    Blessing from the depth of my heart April!

  3. I love you for this photo. Your honesty, you not being afraid to show imperfection. As another has said, not the perfect angle or lighting. Perfection in any place causes us to judge ourselves too harshly. This is beautiful. This is real.