November 10, 2014

JEWELRY: My Birth Stone Ring

Since I've had a couple of questions about the jewelry I'm wearing on a daily basis, I thought I'd make a couple of posts, talking about my most treasured jewelry and a little bit about it's history and why I like it.

I don't wear a lot of different jewelry and I didn't bring a lot with me when I moved to the US. I normally wear a watch, on or two finger rings and I own a couple of necklaces. I've also recently bought a pair of hoop ear rings, since I don't wear my piercing jewelry anymore, and I'll wear that for extra fancy nights out. 

In this post I'll be talking about my newest acquisition: My Birth Stone Ring from Chinchar/Maloney! It is so new that I'm still super excited about how it works and will probably be talking way too much, ha!

I first saw the jewelry by Chinchar/Maloney on my Instagram Explore (Which I am addicted to).

It is all handmade, they do a lot of custom-made jewelry, and it is a family business, which I always like!! They are also Portland-based, which can almost be considered local (erhm..) Local and small-business/family-business/women-run-business and sustainability is something I treasure!

One of their main sellers is the birth ring, which I really loved the first time I saw it. The ring is personalized, as you choose your favorite color gold and the stones you want to put in it. You can choose based on your birth month - they put a nice little chart for you or based on your favorite colors.

I can imagine many other ways to choose - You and your best friend's birth months for a gift, or put you and your sister's in there for a good gift for your mom. Well, we are three kids, so I'd probably need their 3 birth stones ring, ha!

Well, time came for me to choose and it was hard! I always prefer yellow gold over white, so that wasn't too bad. They also do a rose gold, which I know is becoming super trendy and is super pretty, but the yellow goes with everything I own.

My birth month is April, so I really wanted the white diamond to put in mine. I had such a hard time choosing the other stone! I wanted pink, I wanted peridot or aquamarine! Since I'm over here however, I chose to go with my husky pride and went with the amethyst, which is the prettiest UW purple. 

In the beginning I was afraid it would get stuck in anything and everything, especially when putting up my hair, but I have had absolutely no problems with that. To be honest, I haven't taken it off once since I got it - OK, for showering - and it is just there on my finger all nice and shiny and way too pretty. 


  1. This is amazing! I really love the pieces. Especially the rings!

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