January 22, 2015

New Header!

Here's a couple of photos I snapped in an attempt to make a new header, that did't make it! I hope you like the new one! It's been a long time since I 'dressed up' for photos, but it was the only productive thing that happened in my life today, haha!


  1. You are so beautiful! Thank you for being such an inspiring soul. You seem to know yourself well and it shines through in your confidence. You are a woman to be inspired by. Thank you for keeping up with your blog and sharing your life! I feel that it is so wonderful that we have the internet so that we can connect with people all over the world! It is amazing :)!

  2. 2 is cute and 3 is funny :)

    Sharing beauty is always productive.

  3. How many photos do you usually end up with when you take photos like these? And how many of those do you just delete straight away? How critical are you about how you look in a photo?
    And how long does it all take - make up, clothes, the actual photographing and then editing? How much do you edit your photos?

    You just always look so nice and I was wondering whether you simply are such an attractive and photogenic person or if you just make a huge effort in order to get photos like these... :) anyway, have a nice day x

    ps. Thanks for posting the starfish story. I remember hearing it before somewhere but I had totally forgotten it. It's so nice.

  4. which products do you use? you look so fresh :) i am looking for a new foundation + concealer ... may you have a good tipp :)