January 13, 2015

VLOG: First day back in DK

I just got home from my exchange in Seattle, WA, USA. It's wonderful being home with my family, but also a lot of things to get used to all over again. Just some thoughts on being back here.

And then there is a SUPER energetic puppy!


  1. Hi Anna :)
    I also was in a long distance relationship. My husband is from Wales & I am from the US. It is difficult but, like you said definitely worth it. I know how strange it is coming back home. It's interesting how you feel like you've changed, grown & explored different places & explored aspects about yourself while abroad for lenghtly periods of time. When you come back home though everything is the same, everyone else is the same & you almost feel like your the stranger. I often felt like everyone seemed stagnant while I was flowing with this spark of light in my life. Anyways, I just wanted to say it will get easier - I promise!

  2. Since you did not do any type of maintenance to your dreadlocks when your hair grew did the new growth just lock up naturally and since you basically neglected them do you think this helped them thicken?

  3. This broke my heart. I hope you and your man can reunite in reasonably soon...