July 08, 2015

The Decision: Dreads or Not? (and a kind reminder)


  1. Looks like it was the right decision die you! You Look so beautiful and happy :)

  2. Du er så vakker! Takk for at du deler tankene dine med oss:)

  3. Hi Anna! I just wanted to tell you I can relate to how you are feeling with life right now. I am also preparing to graduate in the fall (undergraduate) and my dreads are turning 1 year old on the 21st of this month! (YAY!) Its completely crazy to realize I have committed to this journey for a year. Anyways, I think it is important to send you support and love! Congratulations on all of the chapters that are coming to a close and upcoming ones that are about to open. Keep the positivity and smiles up. And don't forget, your journey is still teaching you so many things. Everything is happening as it should. Much love!

  4. I'm sorry if I write a little bad, but spanish is my language .. hahaha
    right now I'm going through that decision! I have dreadlocks for almost 6 years and I am very take them off it .. although I do not share the idea, unfortunately society limits a lot when it comes to find a job. It is that people buy what they see. judges much. :(

    the important thing is to do what feels best for you :)
    They look great on you, Greetings from Argentina.

  5. With dread! I find you for your dreads...

  6. Your smile can melt anything, your heart is pure.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.