February 12, 2016

In my (ZARA) shopping bag

We are currently on a savings month. It's not going to well for us, well at least not for me. We spend to much money on food and beer, too much money on going out with friends and we kind of, at some point, want to grow up, get a house and more pets. Turns out, you need money for that kind of stuff, so that is why we're saving. Luckily, I'm still on my own budget, which is very helpful, as I am a grown-ass adult that makes my own decisions about my money (and the lack of). After successfully avoiding any form of spending money for the past while, I ended up scouring ZARAs website and ended up spending all that money I saved up. In this post I'll show you what is currently on it's way here and in the next post, I'll show you some stuff, that would have ended up in the same place, had I not stopped in time!

I have looked for the perfect light pink coat for years. I am not kidding you, I have bought several and had to return them because the fit was wrong, the color was off or something else just didn't work out. I am really, really excited to find out if I have finally found the one!

Both I - and luckily also my boyfriend - has a thing for colored lacey dresses. This is quirky but cute and I'd wear it both with flats or sneakers for a relaxed look or with heels and accessories for a more polished look.

You know, when you think you were done shopping but then they of course show you that one thing that just have to make it to your shopping bag? This was it. I'm planning on wearing it exactly as in the picture, on the weekend and to the office everyday and with black tights or bare legs and heels for a more festive look.

Anything going in your shopping bag?

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