July 25, 2013


She is such a happy kitten!


  1. You have a very sweet cat!
    I read your blog for a long time and I think, you are a very beautiful girl! :)
    I have dreads, too ! :D
    What do you think about the idea that you write something about me and I write something about you (on our blogs) ..
    write your answer below this comment .
    See you,
    maikie from withoutanyweight.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Marieke! Thank you very much. I don't really do much linkups, unless there is something particular I want to share, from whatever blog/book/place/ whatever :) Hope this is alright! Have a nice day

  2. Hi, Anna!
    How you studied English? At school or it is independent?
    You write freely.

    1. In Denmark, English is mandatory at school(Which is mandatory for 9 years) from third grade. If you continue through high school, English will still be mandatory and at university a lot of our material is in English, aswell as our courses. Of course it always help studying independently, but I think such learning comes from on owns interest. Like my brother, who improved his English immensely, by playing online role playing games(Like Runescape) in English from an yearly age