July 29, 2013

Yoko, Lennon

Cat's were also helping out with getting the camera ready ;)


  1. I love your shirt!! And your hair :D

  2. Funny cats^^ your new place looks very cozy;)

    Greetings from Poland!;)

  3. Not to be rude.. but what is this post about? I remember you saying you wanted this blog to be more focused and that you were hoping that as readers we could encourage you to help it 'rise from the ashes' (or something of that nature). I don't mean to attack you at all. I am just curious what the focus of this is.. fashion (which I really like of yours?). What is going on in this day?


    1. I don't think I've considered one pure focus. Some people wanted to see more of what I wear, but I don't feel quite ready to jump into the world of fashion blogs. I guess this is a lowkey first-approach :)

    2. Gotcha!! Cool! :)

  4. i dont know how i found you in this internet world but when i saw you, you changed my whole perception about what beauty really is. Even though i might only have a chance to write how beautiful you really are, it makes my soul free from the pain that i would have felt if i didnt write this to you. I'm sure there must thousands who talk about your beauty but I know i'm the only one that not only saw it but felt it through this electronic portal. Im not saying in a negative way but I hope you dont realize about your beauty because if you do, its of no use anymore. You certainly defy the beauty of Daisy and the energy of Venus. Peace and Love