March 03, 2014



  1. I know that I will not draw attention to you, I know that you are too much and I'm not enough, I know.
    I know that my english is disgusting, I know.
    But I want to tell you that it's raining, and I'm watching the rain. I love watching the rain. People wants to avoid it. They cover theirself with coloured circles. They believe they give some colour by the gray of the day. But the truth is that they have the grey inside, they are grey person, they are unhappy person. For me the rain isn't gray, for me the rain is a rainbow.
    And for you what is the colour of the rain?
    I give colours to things and person, I know, it's strange.
    My friends tell that you're so nice. I tell that you're perfect. You're pure. I see this from your eyes.
    For you what colour are you?
    For me you're white.
    Sometimes I see green person, blue person, violet person, red person.. But I've never seen a white person, and you are the first.
    Your white is a white full of things, full of words, full of wonder, your white gives confidence.
    And for you? What colour are you?

    Sardragonfly, Sarah.

    1. Woah.. I feel you..I love rain, and giving persons colour isnt weird. Its your way of seeing persons energys*.. love what u writed.

      And for the anon. one - No, shes not high. She just has deepness, as it looks, you never will.


  2. WTF Sarah are you fuckin high?