March 03, 2014

bruised day four


  1. You keep looking beautiful and real.

  2. Espero que te recuperes pronto bonita ;*

  3. Still Beautiful!!!
    Life is full of stumbling blocks....
    Those blocks can bruise us any where mind, body or spirit...
    Some.... we put in-front of ourselves and then trip on them..
    Some ....Others put in front of us.
    Some......We put in front of others...
    Some....Our Creator puts in front of us....
    What you do is move forward.....
    laugh a little today and a little more tomorrow.....
    You are healing beautifully...♥


  4. what happened?

  5. what happeeeeened? :o

  6. I am so sorry to hear of your concussion Anna. I truly hope you feel better soon. I have been following your blog since summer when I began investigating dreads. My dreads are now 6 months old.

    Just a suggestion: Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent facial moisturiser and it has many healing properties. You can use a little around your eyes and face for a little extra tender care :)

    Thank you for sharing, take good care of yourself and rest.

  7. What happened?????!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. oh shit! anna wie kann das passieren? life is pain and pain is life
    sieht aus ob du auf die fresse gekriegt hättest, hoffe es nicht für dich.
    hab auch 3 mal ein blaues auge gehabt, einmal ein unfall beim streethokey als ich den schläger auf das auge gekriegt hab und die anderen 2 mal habe ich auf die fresse gekriegt. alles geht vorbei man kann nicht immer perfekt aussehen in dieser welt, hoffe es geht dir besser und das dein heilungsprozess gut verläuft.

  9. How does one fall and hit their eyes like that??? :(

  10. Hi, Anna
    I have followed your blog for a little while and I enjoy your photography a lot. I usually don't leave any comments but I just had to share a story with you this time. (:
    I don't know, if you have traveled in India but I did for 3 months and during that time I also visited couple of "hippie touristy" places. The places where dreadlocks and baggy trousers are most common among travelers. And that has created loads of work for local "hair stylists" who continuously (sometimes even aggressively) offer to " fix your dreads" and whatnot. And during my travels I encountered twice, if not more, your pictures being made into big banners for these kinds of businesses. It was little bit funny for me to see a "familiar face" but also it was bit scary because I would imagine you have no idea, that your face has been hanged out like this. But you know, it is India - they have no idea about copy rights.
    One of these places was Palolem Beach in Goa and the other was Pushkar in Rajasthan. So if you ever plan to visit (both really nice places) you might be surprised (: I guess also flattered, since they usually use white-skinned Hollywood actors for beauty salons.
    Anyway I wish to you all the best.
    Lots of love from Estonia.

    1. To make a big banner you need to have the photo in high quality, not just steal a photo from the internet. Maybe they asked Anna to send them the photos for this use.