December 31, 2014

Coming to an End

The end of my exchange is nearing. On January 9th I leave the United States, to go back to Denmark and finish my degree. It has been a wonderful time here in Seattle. I've made wonderful friends, I've had the privilege of attending a great school and being part of exciting projects and having the opportunity to create a life for yourself out of the blue. I made the decision to come here more than a year ago, and it was a stressful time getting ready to go on exchange, making arrangements, obtaining an eligible visa status and everything else practical around going on exchange. Arriving here, a lot of new challenges and obstacles arrived, as it is when you arrive on the other side of the globe, on a mid-June day with nothing but a 48 pounds suitcase and all your hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations.
It has been a wonderful time. It has changed be for the better, it has made me a stronger person, and I am forever thankful to have had this wonderful, wonderful opportunity. Thank you to everyone I've met, everyone that has been part of this amazing journey. I'll see you on the flip side.


  1. Hello! You have the red tulle dress from Lanvin for H&M! In a size EU 36? I really need to get this dress for my birthday! Kind regards, Nancy

    1. I do, but I'm not looking to sell it unfortunately :)

  2. That's amazing that you got to have this experience. I hope your trip back is safe and not too stressful.