January 01, 2015

New Year's Eve

I wanted to tell you a little bit about my New Year's this year. I was celebrating it with my S.O. and it was great. New Year's in the States is quite different from how we would normally celebrate it, but we ended up having a beautiful day and I really enjoyed it. W was working a half day and since I'm staying at his house for the last couple of days before I move back home, I'm on doggie duty. Which is absolutely wonderful, when you have such a great dog to hang out with. We went for a walk in Madrona, which is W's neighborhood and a wonderful area.

It is an absolute privilege to live in a city with saltwater and lakes all around, where you get to see the mountains every day (when the sky is clear, that is, hmmm) and with a lot of beautiful streets and neighborhoods to walk. 36th St and E Terrace are some of my favorite streets in the city, beautiful views, beautiful homes and a great atmosphere.

In the photo below you see Mount Rainier.. It was not fully clear, but on clear days it is easy seen, even though it is so far away. So beautiful.. Did you guys know, that University of Washington actually owns the rights to the view of the mountain from campus? Pretty cool, huh?


When we talk about the weather, we ask 'is the mountain out?', talking about Mount Rainier.. If you're in doubt, you can always check the awesome Twitter profile IsMtRainierOut

This is the view from Madrona to downtown.. Pretty huh?

When this wonderful one got of work, we headed out for an early dinner reservation at Rockcreek Seafood in Fremont. It was a great experience, I would definitely recommend it...

I have yet to go to the Space Needle before I leave.. It is such a touristy thing to do, haha.. We're planning to go this weekend though, just to cross it off the list..

Oysters.. Sister's Point and Shigoku

Tuna Tartare... I don't eat a lot of tuna because of the methyl-mercury - and because there are so many other great fish to eat.. But this was good!

W had Icelandic Char with lentils and greens..

And I had the most wonderful MSC-certified patagonian toothfish. While it is absolutely delicious, it is important to notice that you shouldn't be eating toothfish (also known as Chilean Seabass) unless it is certified, since it is red-listed.

My warmest recommendations to Rock Creek Seafood Seattle, we had a great time! Later in the night we took the bus to 15th and walked to Thomas.. There is a great spot in Capitol Hill for looking at fireworks from the Space Needle... No photos from that, unfortunately... We went to Liberty Seattle, an award-winning bar, with a very unique profile, met up with some friends and had fun the rest of the night... I hope you enjoyed your New Year's Eve and got safely and happy into 2015, and I wish you all a happy New Year!


  1. Beautiful pictures ! :)
    You look so good ... :o <3


  2. You took very nice pictures, Anna :)
    You're such an inspiration with your dreads.


  3. My best friend recently moved to Seattle and loves it there. I enjoyed these pictures and you're very beautiful! :) -Sarah

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