April 04, 2015

Birthday Celebrations (and puppies)

Friday (Good Friday, Black Friday, or as we call it, The Long Friday) was one of my brothers' 18 years birthday. Around here turning 18 enables you to get your driver's license and to buy hard liquer and spirits (you can buy beer, wine etc when you're 16). When you're 18 you can vote and are considered an adult. Because of that, 18 years is usually celebrated along the lines of the American Sweet 16 and 21 years birthday - Family parties, bigger parties with friends, lots of food etc.

On the day a lot of family was visiting. I helped out with the cooking as always - that's kind of me and my dad's thing - and we had a brunch for 20 people. I didn't take only single picture, haha! Only after everything was cleared off, except for the cups.

We went outside and he opened his gifts. The cat went on an adventure and the dogs played. The black one belongs here to this house and the New Foundlander lives with my grandparents. They are both still puppies - yes, the Foundie is a 130 lbs puppy - and they have a lot of fun together,


  1. How many brothers do you have? Looks like fun ;)

    1. Three brothers and one sister, all younger :)