April 05, 2015

Birthday Dress

This is what I wore at my brother's 18 years birthday, as I wrote about yesterday. This is a new dress and it was the first time I wore it. I love how H&M are pretty good at making super weird clothes, because they can afford to take that chance. I always pick up a lot of this stuff on the sales racks -  Apparently I want the things that no one else does. That's fine by me though, because this one is beautiful! The blazer is actually from one of my suits and comes with trousers - It was from the ASOS sales rack too ;) And dammit - I didn't even notice the collar! Typical rookie mistakes

Dress//H&M - not on sale on the website, but in selected stores
Blazer//ASOS - still on sale!
Shoes//Vagabond (not shown. mine's an older model, but these are pretty close!)


  1. Your look and your photografies are so cute. I think of you are so special.

  2. Anna, I enjoy your blogs and videos for natural dreadlocks. I have thin straight hair and have to use rubberbands to get my locks started also. I was wondering if you moved back to the U.S.? I saw one of your last videos where you returned to Denmark. True story. I have worked with 3 mates from England who came over through Ohio State University turf program and fell in love with girls and got married and stayed here. They say they love the weather here in North Carolina. Its green and sunny and warm. They say it was raining over there all the time. Great guys! True story. Hope to see more blogs from you!

  3. Hi Anna! I was just wondering if you came back to live in the states. Hope to see more blogs soon! Natural dreads are beautiful!��

  4. Virkelig smuk kjole! Og så flotte billeder på din side!