February 12, 2014


I love that my cat got to be in this photo :) Such a nice portrait of the three of us!


  1. Wow love it :) so so so cute:

  2. You guys don't look alike :) but so lovely portrait indeed :)

  3. Bonjour! I have a question for you that's been running through my mind for a while: When (or if) you decide to get rid of your dreadlocks, will you comb them out or simply shave your head? I suppose combing out would take a lot of patience (and conditioner as well), but is that an option for you? P.S. jolie photo! Je n'arrive jamais à convaincre mon chat de se joindre à moi lorsque j'en prend :)

  4. Hi Anna!
    I love that picture! You all look so happy, including your cute cat :D

    I just want to let you know I have an interesting offer for you, and that I left a message on your YouTube channel if you want to know more details.

    Looking forward to hear from you in the future!

    David Nunes

  5. Väldigt fin bild, rama in och sätt upp på väggen! :) Eller skicka runt den till mormor, morfar, farmor, farfar - de brukar älska såna här bilder!